Hi, I'm Kofi β˜•

I am a dad to Noemi, I code at night and I run a Health Tech company
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The Locum App

A while back my little sister (Medical Doc) was in between jobs and had to work locums. The experience was really not great - tons of admin, jobs going to inside contacts and sometimes dodginess and safety issues.

So I made the locum app. Login and pick a job kinda like you would pick an Airbnb.

Currently signing up Doctors for early access.

Check out the landing page
Flutter 3 Africa UI Kit

Yea so it has always been pretty terrible trying to find Africa inspired stuff online. Just try look for stock photos, the first things that will come up will be lions and safaris.

I have always tried to include African elements in my personal designs, so I thought I would put them together in a UI kit.



In 2013 I had just qualified as a Doctor and was working at Steve Biko Academic hospital. I ran a survey across more than 180 Doctors asking how they worked, and how much technology contributed to their workflow.

After learning a bit more about code (thank you Joshua πŸ’ͺ🏾 ) and with all the lessons I have learnt about running a tech business, I still feel there is a gap that can be addressed, so Im building the toolkit for Modern Doctors.

It's a really fun side project in a field that I understand and have a passion for.

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