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South Africa | Google People cards are here, let’s set yours up

Google just opened up People cards for South Africa. Here is how to add yourself to Google Search

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It’s my Birthday - I’ve kinda done everything 31 times

How come if I know things are soming evey year - I haven't optimised for dealing with them? What have I learnt from 31 years on this earth 🌍

App development
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How to delete an app from Apple App Store connect 2020

If you wanted to remove an app from App Store connect... here's how 📱

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Interview on SAFM

Breakfast chat with Michelle Constant about VirtualCare

Web Design
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Creating My Personal Website

After procrastinating for ages... lol I finally just built it 😎

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I Needed to Unclutter my Brain 🧠

It's been a long few months, I'm sure you probably feel the same way. For some reason I find that I always...

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Game of Thrones season finale to air on Youtube

In a suprise farewell to the critically acclaimed show, the Game of Thrones season finale will air for free on Youtube today!


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